Bad Ice Cream 2
Bad Ice Cream 2
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Bad Ice Cream 2 Game

Nitrome produced Bad Ice Cream 2 as a flash game, which AwayFL later recreated in HTML5. The second episode of the arcade-puzzle-trapping Bad Ice Cream game is Bad Ice Cream 2. Despite having eaten so many fruits in the previous episode, the Ice-Creams opted to keep trucking to consume the fruits. A challenging and enjoyable game awaits you. Let's get started if you're ready.

How to play the Bad Ice Cream 2 game?

To access the main menu, click the "CLICK TO LICK" button. You press the "PLAY" button. To play as a single, use "SPACE-BAR" to add a player. To play as a two-player game, use the "SPACE-BAR" and "Q" keys to add participants. With "ARROW MARKS," you may modify the Bad Ice Cream 2 game character. Then, click the "Proceed" buttons to go to the level pick screen, and then choose the first level of the game to begin playing.

After starting the game, click the "CONTINUE" button to close the information boxes. Choose a flavor and top your ice cream with fruit! On frozen battlefields, go to fight with soft-serve ice cream and hungry adversaries! You will play as a renegade dessert that refuses to be consumed in Bad Ice-Cream 2. Choose your favorite frozen flavor and navigate ice block mazes to get the fruit! Clear all of the fruit without getting caught, and then enjoy your sweet feast! Use your ice-breaking abilities to crush ice blocks or to construct your icy barriers for defense. Consume all of the fruits.

First Player Controls:

"ARROW KEYS" should be moved.

"SPACE-BAR" is the action.

Second PlayerControls:

"W, A, S, D" should be moved.

"Q" is the action.

Your objective is to harvest the fruits while avoiding enemies. You may pass the levels more easily if you work properly as a team.


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