Big Shot Boxing
Big Shot Boxing
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Big Shot Boxing Game:

Colin Lane invented Big Shot Boxing. Colin had also developed other games as well. In today's game, you'll be entrusted with defeating a boxer. Earn millions of money while fighting as hard as you possibly can. Choose the best technique, battle, devise methods, and attempt to get as far as possible. We believe you'll prove to the entire world that you're capable of realizing your ambition of being a great boxer.

Take extreme caution not to get KO'd since this would be the result. Big Shot Boxing allows you to experience a professional boxer's career from their debut through their retirement. Choose how to train your warrior and oversee their advancement through the levels.

How to play Big Shot Boxing game?

In the Big Shot Boxing game, you must battle on your way to achieving high ranks to conclude your career in the boxing Hall of Fame. You can begin this game by selecting a fighter, hiring a coach, and by learning some moves. You should Keep your guard up and attack your enemy with a jab move, cross punch, or uppercut. To surprise your opponent, throw a great combo of cross and jab. You can win the game if you score more points than your opponent or knock out the opponent. As you go up in ranking, be careful to develop your talents, such as your health strength, punch power, and recuperation.

When you are knocked out in a battle, you will get 10 seconds to recover your power. You can earn money to buy gloves, shorts, and boots for your character. You may also unlock a variety of accomplishments through winning different matches, achieving in different championships, and defending your rank. Will you be inducted into the Hall of Fame?


  • Jab with the right arrow
  • X - uppercut - cross with left arrow
  • The Z-block


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