Dinosaur Game
Dinosaur Game
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  • 10/8/2022
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Dinosaur Game

In 2014 the Chrome UX team whose members are Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel, and Alan Bettes built the Dinosaur Game during a bad internet connection. It is an infinite runner game that was initially developed for Google Chrome. This game was included in Google Chrome to provide the entertainment in 2014 when they did not have access to the internet. Every month, nearly 270 million people play the Chrome Dino Game, which features a T-Rex. You can join online the Dino Game on our website in full-screen mode.

This is also known by different other names. This game is available to play online on a Personal Computer, a smartphone, and a tablet.

How can you Play Google Dinosaur Game?

On our website, you may enjoy the Google Dinosaur Game anywhere at any time and from any device. To begin, click the "play" icon in the Dinosaur Game. This action will bring you toward the game interface, where you will find Dino, your pixelated T-Rex pal.

On a computer, you can start it by using the space bar. To begin, on a phone or tablet, click Dino. The objective of the game is to effectively hop over obstacles shaped like cactus plants. This is done by either hitting the space bar or touching the Dinosaur. Keep track of how your score rises as the game proceeds. They are the quickly rising numbers in the upper right-hand corner of your device screen. Although it is an unending run, the Google Dinosaur Game ends with the maximum possible score of 9999 or you hit an obstacle. When you reach this score, the game restarts and you may start it again. To get there, though, you must overcome several difficulties. How much maximum score do you have?


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