Duck Life 3
Duck Life 3
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Duck Life 3 Game

This game is developed by Wix Games. Breed genetically engineered ducks to compete in races! First, you'll select an egg. Each duck starts out with distinct sprinting, swimming, climbing, and soaring abilities. Compete in leagues for amateurs, advanced players, and professionals. Train before each race to assure a quick win! Duck Life 3 improves on Duck Life 2 by providing four basic ducks with varying stats that change as a league is completed. Each league has a distinct look and a unique set of training facilities. There are three leagues, each of which is located in a different locale than the first game. Each is divided into qualifying and finals. The races in the amateur league are held on a farm.

This is most likely the farm where the genetically modified ducks were developed by a farmer. The advanced league takes place in London, while the professional league takes place on Easter Island. As you advance through these, you'll find that the training levels grow increasingly difficult.

How to play Duck Life 3?

Beginner's guide:

To begin playing Duck Life 3, you must first train your duck's essential talents. Running, flying, climbing, and swimming are examples of these abilities. It is critical to practise these abilities before entering a race because they are an important aspect of the game. When you're ready to race, just sit back and watch how your duck does!


Training is also necessary for gaining cash, and currency is what allows you to grow. Grab as many coins as you can while training and use them to buy duck feed to boost your energy.

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