Final Ninja
Final Ninja
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
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Final ninja game:

Nitrome created Final Ninja as a flash game, which AwayFL subsequently recreated in HTML5. Final Ninja is a shooter-platform game with a Japanese theme that was launched on July 24, 2008[1]. The player controls Takeshi, who is attempting to murder his employer, Akuma. The game was designated as a distributional game, and it was one of twelve games made available when the Distributional Games website went live on August 25, 2011. There are twenty stages in the game, each with its unique name. The game features 20 stages, each of which is based on a distinct assignment.

How to play the Final Ninja game?

Takeshi, a young ninja who had just graduated from the academy, was dispatched directly to the front lines on an espionage operation. Regrettably, not everything happened as planned. Your mission was a failure, and you are now a prisoner in a massive, futuristic compound. Use your invisibility and shuriken to find your way out of this dangerous position. But don't forget about your initial purpose, and steal all of the secret documents you come across along the way. Your ex-boss Akuma is looking for you and attempting to eliminate you. When you reached level 20, it allows you to gain ninja skills by using ropes. Jump, run, sneak, and use shurikens, hooks, and other weapons! Final Ninja, are you prepared for your final mission?

  • Move left and right, or swing if on a rope.
  • Down - Enter stealth mode and descend if using a rope.
  • Up - Jump and ascend on the ninja rope.
  • Click the mouse to throw a ninja star in the direction the mouse is pointed, and hold to make a rope N key to skip level (Glitch)


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