Freeway Fury
Freeway Fury
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Freeway Fury Game

Serius Games produced Freeway Fury, a car-hopping arcade game. You are smack in the heart of Carmageddon in this action-packed game. To win points, drive quickly and fiercely, confuse approaching traffic, strike other automobiles, and leap between cars. You may construct chains to do stunts in style and get more points. Make cautious not to cause too much damage to your automobile, or you may perish in the explosion. You only have a certain number of lives, so be cautious in this crazy concrete jungle. Can you beat the time limit in Freeway Fury?

How to play Freeway Fury Game?

Freeway Fury is action-packed, car-jumping craziness! The goal of the game is to perform insane stunts while earning points and nitro. You can Use the arrow keys to drive left or right. To leap to the roof, press the arrow down. Then, using the arrow keys once again, hop on other automobiles. Do you have what it takes to get into another automobile while driving at breakneck speed?

Start racing your car and crashing others right away to win points! Leave your car by pressing the arrow down before it is too badly damaged and get on another one to continue your race. Are you prepared for some fast action?


  • You can use the left or right arrow keys or Alphabet A/D to move the steer
  • Use the upward arrow key or W for Nitro
  • To climb on the roof use the down arrow key or S
  • Use the left or right arrow keys or A/D to hop on another car when you are on the roof
  • After jumping onto the other car press down arrow key or S


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