Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Happy Wheels

Fancy Force is the developer of Happy Wheels which is located in Brooklyn, New York. Head honcho of Total Jerkface Jim Bonacci also created Divine Intervention, as well as the Flash flicks Beautiful Day and Where's My Bike. Fancy Force's Happy Wheels is a ragdoll game that can be played online. Happy Wheels has a plethora of different characters and different cars to unlock. In this game, each level has its own unique experience of enjoyment. To stay longer in this game, you must survive the deadly mazes traps and perils.

Take Happy Wheels online by using the level editor and creating new player levels. While playing this game you do struggle for a living not to win the game. You can play the Happy Wheels game on our website right now for free.  You won't be sorry, but your rider could be. Happy Wheels is an Action game that is frequently related to Escape Games and Survival Games.

How to play the Happy Wheel game?

This automobile physics game has lot of entertainment. To play this game, you can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate and could use the upward and downward keys to manage your speed. Z is used to eject, and space bar key, Shift key, and Ctrl key are used to pick new special powers. As you continue, you'll discover a broad and crazy array of people and vehicles, making each game seem somewhat different. To keep things interesting, ranking is based on scores, so make sure to retry until it's completely mastered. Now you can play this game on our website from anywhere!


  • On your first try, don't go too quickly!
  • Replay levels to improve your ranking on the scoreboard.
  • To get through the stages uninjured, use the tilt controls correctly.


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