Huggy Wuggy
Huggy Wuggy
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/9/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Huggy Wuggy Shooter

GoGoMan developed Huggy Wuggy Shooter. This game is horrifying action-based game. In this game, you must use various weapons to survive groups of ghostly toys. You are imprisoned inside toy making factory in this scary adventure, in which all abandoned toys gain life again with unknown rage. They attack innocent tourists every night, now could be your time. Walk with a brightly colored abandoned factory, shooting every demonic toy that gets in your path.

How to play Huggy Wuggy Shooter?

Huggy Wuggy Shooter will give you experience a thrilling horror adventure by facing the Hordes of ghostly toys in a factory.  There are several weapons to pick and you may gain fun in this gloomy environment. Maintain continual awareness around you and keep an eye out for opponents who emerge out of the dark. How long can you stay in this game?

To stay long-lasting in a game depends upon how efficiently you use the weapons, some of the tips are here to utilize efficiently your weapons:

  • G key is used to through grenades
  • Press F to attempt the knife attack
  • Swap the mouse wheel to reload and change the weapon. Numeric keys from 1 to 7 can also be used to swap weapons.
  • Press right-click on the mouse to target your aim.
  • Use the left click of your mouse to shoot evil toys.
  • Use your keyboard arrow keys or WASD Keys for navigation thought out the factory to find out the evil toys.
  • To pause the game Press Tab Key

To survive for a long time in Huggy Wuggy Shooter, You should develop speed, the accuracy of your aim, and efficient vigilance. To tackle the immediate attack of evil toys, your weapons must be loaded and ready to fire.


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