Little Alchemy
Little Alchemy
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/10/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Little Alchemy Game

Recloak, a Warsaw-based game production team, produced Little Alchemy. They also created the sequel, Little Alchemy 2. It is a game in which you mix materials to make new ones. There are 560 elements in all. See if you can find them all. You will have four basic components like water, air, fire, and earth. Through these basic components, you can make new amazing creatures.

How to play Little Alchemy?

Choose your preferred element. A toolbar may be found on the right side of the screen in Little Alchemy. At the start of the game, this toolbar offers four elements to choose from water, fire, earth, and air. Start with any of the components in Little Alchemy and experiment.

The air element is represented by little dashes over a square space. The dashes are a pale blue hue. The earth element resembles a little piece of land. The bottom is brown, similar to soil, while the top is green, similar to grass. Both water and fire are easily identified. The icon for fire is a little red flame, whereas the image for water is a white droplet.

Move your element: After you've decided which element to attempt mixing first, move your cursor over it. In the game, your cursor will be a four-headed arrow enclosed by a yellow circle.

Combine the components: The goal of Little Alchemy is to combine materials to create new elements. To combine elements, place a second element on top of the one you've already dropped. Drag the new element to the left side of the toolbar. Place it on top of the element you want to mix it with.

Request hints: If you become stuck in the game, you can request a random hint by clicking the "Are you stuck?" button.


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