Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Papa Louie: When Attack Pizzas game

When, Papa Louie? Flipline Studios, an American game development studio, created Pizzas Attack in 2006. It was later adapted to HTML5 by AwayFL. When Attack Pizzas in game which you must defend Papa Louie's clients from the notorious Onion Hoop. Your clients have been transformed into slushy pizza beasts, and they require the assistance. Clear one of 12 stages with pizza monsters with trusty paddle .Drop by Big Pauly for pepper bombs in exchange for coins. Do you have a Pizza Panic?

The journey that began it all.  The Notorious Onion Sphere penetrated all orders when Papa Louie had a party at the place of Papa's Louie Pizzeria. In this place, delicious pizzas are converted into slushy Pizza Freaks, that are abducted and teleported by Papa Louie's client to faraway regions.

How can you play the Papa Louie game When Pizza Attack?

There are 4 primary worlds, each of which has three levels. The game has 12 stages that have Multigrain Grounds, along with Pasta Forest and Tomato Pulp City, and my Field.  Sarge, is the game's main adversary and leading opponent.

Fight with pizza beasts, sandwiches that have legs, and other horrifying food creatures as you progress through each level. You can keep alive papa by gathering all the pizza along the route. When you get to the conclusion, release the hostages to finish the quest.

You'll be given explosives and a bat to use on your adversaries along the route. Cheese monsters can only be defeated by striking back with cheese balls.


  • Use the Left arrow key to Walk to the left.
  • Use the Right arrow key to Walk to the right.
  • Space = Jump / Glide with the hat (if pressed mid-air)
  • Z represents a melee assault.
  • X = Pepper (long-distance) assault
  • Poised walk - Walk while holding down Z.


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