Parkour Race
Parkour Race
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Introduction to Parkour Race

Parkour Race is also known as PK and the creator of this game is David Belle Yamasaki. This word is derived from the word Parkour Du Combatant that was used by the Georages Herbert in different military trainings.

Parkour Race is an online game for kids to play but for all ages. It’s the most amusing game to play. But Children may show their skills by playing this game easily. Parkour Race has 3D graphics that are similar to other games in this genre. As you play each level, all it takes is a few simple swipes on the screen to move your character and try to dodge obstacles. You can test your skills when you go for a race in popular cities like new york Paris Tokyo and much more. You just get up and run it has 20 levels to compete.

 You just have to collect gold coins and made customization your outfits, create unique back bling, and have special effects. When you win more games, you will face more challenges ahead. This game is an incredible opportunity to release your stress and anxiety

You can Perform different tricks to escape from the crowd and can create your records. Are you ready to play this game? Let’s see how you can play this game and achieve the best highest score. Don’t worry this game is free. You don’t need to pay to play this game. It has the best physics and it's great.

 How to play this game?

 You just have to run, Jump and flip to complete levels. There are hurdles and obstacles to jump. From level to level, jump and flip, swipe left or right, or crawl to reach your next level and complete your challenge. It helps though if you use two fingers (index & middle).


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