Pool Club
Pool Club
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Pool club game

Ravalmatic built Pool Club. Pool Club is a simple single-pool game. Join our club and sink some balls while passing the time. In this game, a 90 seconds timer is set to pot all the selected balls whether you have selected striped or smooth. When you pocket a ball you get 50 points and when the cue ball is pocketed, 20 points are deducted.

How to play pool club?

  • To start the new game, you can simply click on the screen to play.
  • Click the large PLAY button in the lower right corner of the game dashboard.
  • On the game’s home page, there is a setting that allowed you to change the background music.

Gameplay Controls

  • In the game’s dashboard, you will find the menu button, where you have the option to choose music or audio. You will also find the option through which you can restart the game.
  • You can find the language setting option in the cue ball-shaped icon. But due to a shortage of time, it becomes critical to do such settings.
  • You can get an aim by pointing through your mouse curser to target and the cue ball will hit in the direction of your angle.
  • You can set the power of your shot through aim at the target through the most suitable angle, pulling your stick back to get the strength to your shot, and then releasing.
  • To set your shot strength, click to establish the angle, and then draw back toward the stick and release.
  • Use your finger as a mouse on the touchscreen.

Points awarded

  • You will earn 10 points whenever you pocket the ball and gain 5 seconds increment in the timer.
  • Similarly, the 20 points will be deducted when your cue ball is pocketed. When the cue ball comes out and takes its position in opposite direction, the timer becomes faster.
  • If you become successful to pocket all the balls within the time frame, you will have the first turn to break the rack.


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