Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/8/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Retro Bowl American Style Football Game

New Star Games Ltd developed Retro Bowl. Retro Bowl is playable both online and offline. It is a free, no-download classic game that is available to play on our website. Your main objective is to develop your squad and earn awards after each season ends. As a team leader,  it is your responsibility to hire and fire players. Due to the complexity of the national football league, it's difficult to become a winner in each season, particularly at the start of your game, so handle it properly.  The game appears complex at first, but as you get used to it, it may become addictive. You must create your squad carefully due to its significance in this game. The fielders in the middle of the ground are the most important part of the game so chose the best ones to get successful.

How to play Retro Bowl Game?

In this game, two teams are formed that compete against one another and each team consists of 11 players. The aim is to outdo your opponents in the time allotted earlier the competition ends. To get scores, the players need to play with the ball on the ground by navigating by mouse or trackpad toward the rival's playing area and make a touch in the end zone of the opposing court. You can move it by itself or pass it on to a teammate and sprint with it.

In this game, each team has the opportunity to hit the ball at a distance of 10 meters four times in a match. When you failed to hit the ball at 10 meters distance, it will hand over to your teammates. These 11 players can be categorized into 3 different assigned roles attacking group, Defensive group, and task force.


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