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  • 10/9/2022
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Run 3 Endless Running Game

Joseph Cloutier, located in the United States, developed Run 3. He also created the games Run and Run 2. Run 3 is one of Poki's most popular games, along with other online classics like Happy Wheels. Run 3 is an unending racer in which you must guide your small alien across space. This game is the third edition in the Run game series,  that is designed by Joseph Cloutier. It is now available in HTML5 on our website which allows you to play without the need for Flash. On your PC, you may play the online game for free.

How To Play Run 3 Game?

A whole new galaxy is ready to be discovered! To sprint and jump through the space tunnels, use the arrow keys. Rotate the planet with the help of the left and right keys. You may play Run 3 in two different modes explore mode along with infinite mode. You can also choose Explore Mode to find out new maps and add them to your game map. The player will come across different obstacles and regions or can run across the same. Choose Infinite Mode for an infinite run. At this level, power boosters can be found distributed throughout the tunnels. You'll have to be careful not to trip. The game is over if you fall out of the tube in Infinite Mode. You can resume your run with a new character with the help of boosters.

Your aim is simply to make sprint as long as you do succeed without colliding. As you move on to the next levels, everything becomes difficult. This violent action and infinite runner game take you on a harrowing adventure over a narrowed space. You should lead the small grey alien across the territory.


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