Slime Laboratory
Slime Laboratory
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Slim laboratory game

Neutronized developed Slime Laboratory. We are confident that you will enjoy the Slime Laboratory game. In this game, you will play with slime.  It would be great fun to play in a laboratory. This game is more adventurous and based on mysterious tasks to be performed in the laboratory. You can do this via manipulation, overcoming different obstacles, and growing larger by gathering other slime drops.  When you become the biggest in-game, you may smash walls and pay heed to the provided instruction since they'll come in handy. Best wishes!

How to play the slim laboratory game?

Slime Laboratory is based on physics principles and is available on our website in which you travel through a mystery laboratory on the creepy trip. Our slimy pal fled from the first lab but walked straight into the second. As a result, your goal will be to once again assist him in getting out of there. Prepare for the difficult stages, where you may expect a range of difficult obstacles and tasks. You should evade all tricks and hurdles you come across, squeeze through gaps, stick to hard surfaces, and scale high platforms!

Do whatever it takes to slip past a slew of perilous obstacles and cross the checkered finish line safely. Don't forget to pick up every disc you come across on your journey. Red floppy discs are worth 500 points, blue discs are for 200 points, and black discs are worth 100 points. Are you prepared for this perilous situation? Slime Laboratory contains fifteen levels; can you complete them all without dying?

Use the arrow keys to move and leap your slime. To flatten oneself and go past narrow spots, use the down button. Dodge traps, evade lasers, and attempt to complete each level alive.


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