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  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Kooapps developed the Snake.IO game and released its iOS and android versions in 2016 and WebGL in 2022. This is a multiplayer game in which you move slither with your snake and avoid colliding with anything to survive for a longer period. In this game, you can challenge your friends and can create a massive arena with worm game spirit. This game has merged the classic mechanism of the old snake game with trendy art. At the start of your game, you will have a small snake, eat little balls, and make it bigger. Invite your friends for game battles to worm your fields for food and make your highest scores among others. Want to see the results of your strategies and controls? Just start the game!

How to play Game?

In the multiplayer game, you will start with a very small snake and get bigger by eating little balls that are placed around the settings as dots. Once the snake becomes larger it would not be easy enough to survive by dodging other snakes that have the same goal to achieve high scores. This game has two ways of eating balls. First, you can eat the loose balls that will be added as one point for each.

When a snake in the game collides with anything like another snake, with the wall all points containing a player turned into balls containing 10 points for each. Here you can try to hit other snakes to collide with their head on your tails to get their all points. For this, you can use the accelerate button to faster your speed, so others can collide with your snake. But it will cost you to decrease your snake size as long as you press and hold it. Other can also use the same technique so be careful!


  • You can use arrow keys, WASD buttons, or a mouse to move your snake.
  • You can move faster by holding the left mouse click or pressing the space bar.


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