Stick Merge
Stick Merge
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 10/21/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Stick Merge game

TinyDobbins designed Stick Merge. Stick Merge is a fun merging game designed by TinyDobbins in which you combine several sorts of weapons and shoot the moving stick to construct formidable weaponry.

This game is influenced by stickman and shooting games. It has integrated these two game styles into one to make the most exciting game possible. When you play this game, you will witness furious gunfights involving skilled marksmen. Deadly Battles! You have just two possibilities. Either you or your opponent dies. There is no other choice!

Furthermore, the aesthetics in this game are based on the western parts of Europe. There is a historic citadel and a hard hot temperature here. In the sunshine, everything appeared to burn. The visuals are straightforward yet not monotonous.

How to play the Stick Merge game?

Your job is to annihilate all of the enemies with your weapon. Enemies will conceal themselves behind buildings or objects. These impediments will make fighting tough. As a result, aim carefully to precisely annihilate the attacker. Furthermore, these adversaries may move. They can migrate from one area to another. They can display and conceal at times. Your opponents, in particular, are bright. They will arrive at a moment when you are not paying attention. Maintain your concentration till the finish of the game. Furthermore, these adversaries will shoot back at you. You may be eliminated if you do not kill them first.

Above their heads, you can see. When you see the warning symbol, it means they are about to assault you. You will be utilising a gun with an aiming area when playing this game. You just slide your mouse to move it. When you see an adversary in your sights, your weapon will automatically fire. When your weapon runs out of ammo, it will be immediately replenished. It will, however, take some time.


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