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  • 10/21/2022
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Wrassling Game

Colin Lane gaming company consists of a single-man firm situated in Stockholm city,  Sweden, invented Wrassling. Colin Lane's past titles include the basketball successes like Dunkers, Dunkers 2, the arcade platformer game,  Temple of Boom, Fortz, the sports frolic Golf Zero, and his most recently developed game Big Shot Boxing. Play a hard 1-player mode in which you may acquire additional accomplishments such as hats, and then play a local 2-player match in VS or Co-op Mode against a buddy.

How to play Wrassling?

Wrassling is a wacky two-player wrestling game with amusing stickmen. Let's have some fun wrestling matches using the fantastic old techniques of Wrassling. Two participants get to show their strength by attempting to hurl each other over the ring's top line. If you cannot do so, the ring morphs into an unstable platform that is significantly simpler to fall off of.

But, before you get weary of merely flinging your friend off the screen, try the incredible cooperative mode, in which you both fight for the same side to defeat difficult adversaries. Jump up and down with the arrow keys, and manipulate your arms with the X and Y keys. Maintain your headwear as well. Are you prepared for this thrilling battle adventure? The goal of the game is to knock your opponents out of the ring. This wrestling game throws you against numerous opponents at once. Swing your arms to bodyslam opponents and throw them over the ropes. Unlock new caps and objectives.

Controls for the single-player mode:

  • Rotate your arms using Z and X, and move and leap with the arrow keys.
  • Controls for the two-player mode:
  • Player 1 makes use of WASD, X, C, and D.

Player 2 makes use of the arrow keys as well as the letters O and P.


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